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You have probably heard the "be the face of your brand" message a lot. Does it seem like that's easy to say for all those young attractive women who seem to live in a interior design catalogue? Don't worry, it's not about becoming a model in yet another stock photo. It's about showing up with your authentic personality and your values. I love in-person photo shootings, but there is so much more I can do for you. (especially if you don't live in Bavaria or anywhere close to a spectacular train line I haven't taken yet - that could persuade me to travel quite a distance for a photo shoot :-)

Pick and Polish

You know it makes sense to use headshots and show your face on your website. But as most people, you don't feel confident in front of the camera, or you don't have the time or budget for a brand shooting. You could use some images you already have, but it's so hard to choose...

If only someone could help you pick the right photos and give them a little "polish" (I'm not talking beauty filters here, just optimzing what's there). That's exactly what I can do for you! You'll be surprised how many hidden treasures we find.

Visual Values

Your values are your business foundation, and you are probably quite clear about what they are. But how do they translate into your imagery? This is a question for all my brand phtography clients, and we get to the bottom of it via my in-depths onboarding and session planing.

That is a service I can offer fully remotely. Imagine knowing exactly what kind of pictures you want and need for your website and social media! It makes taking them or finding them in stock photo collections so much easier.

Supported Shoot

As you can see, I love travelling to a photo shoot location. But how about doing a brand shooting virtually? It's not quite as insane as it sounds: We create a detailed  session plan and a visual language for your brand. Then we look at your resources (like a friend with a fancy camera, the possibility to borrow equipment, locations and lighting conditions, ...) and plan your photo shoot. I'll be there every step of the way. I can join the session via zoom, especially if it's a selfie session. I'll help select the results and create your very own brand photo database.

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